EP 16 - Toking and Training

The babes get their sweat on this week! They explore how to integrate cannabis into your workout routine, giving Runner’s High a whole new meaning.


EP 15 - Let’s Get Tested ft. Lobo Genetics

The babes sit down this week with trailblazer Ajay Krishnan, CTO of Lobo Genetics, who pairs scientifically based research with revolutionary genetic testing to pioneer cannabis education and information in the industry.


EP 14 - Tools of the Trade

Your fave duo is back with your absolute must-have accessories to keep up with the fast-paced industry. Time to upgrade to some elevated stonerware.


EP 13 - Expanding Your Experiences ft. Joyn Botanicals

The duo chats with fellow female entrepreneur Laura Chodola, Co-Founder and Executive Direction of JOYN botanicals. The innovative biotech company developed a disruptive water soluble cannabis powder technology with endless product uses. We’ll take two teas with a dash of SoluCann powder please!


EP 12 - Turning Up with Terpenes

The babes get baked this week diving into Terpene town! From their magnificent aromas to medicinal benefits, terpenes are poised to be the next hot topic in industry news.


EP 11 - Beauty and the Bud ft. Evio Beauty

The duo sits down with Brandi Leifso, CEO and founder of Evio Beauty to discuss beauty's new high: cannabis beauty products. Boss babe Brandi talks about her humble beginnings and how Evio is disrupting the industry with cannabis sativa seed oil skincare.


EP 10 - Cumming to a Conclusion

The babes get down and dirty this week with everyone's fave topic: sex and weed. They share some intimate experiences on how cannabis has played a role in their dating and sex life.


EP 09 - Connections of the Root

The babes are back this week discussing the serendipitous coincidences that led cannapreneur Stephanie Martens, Marketing and Events of Nextleaf Solutions and Co-Founder of root creative into the budding industry. They discuss the excitement surrounding extraction technology and the challenges of creating compliant content in the cannabis space.


EP 08 - Q&A - Adulting, Podcast Life and High Sex

The grind never stops! The duo is back this week answering your questions about the trials and tribulations of balancing the podcast, social life and sanity all with a 9-to-5 job.


EP 07 - Planet of the Vapes

Do you even vape bro? We all know someone that worships vaping more than life itself. Join the babes this week as they try to uncover the hype behind this increasingly popular method of consumption.


EP 06 - Roll, Roll, Roll Your Joint Gently Down the Crease

Your babes are back this week discussing the art of rolling the perfect joint (yes girls can roll too!). Ash recalls a run-in with the law during her formative years.


EP. 05 - Seeds, Soil and
Sunshine ft. Grobo

The duo, Ashley and Trish, are back this week with Stephen Campbell, Chief Horticulturalist at Grobo, makers of hydroponic grow boxes. They get a few tips on how to develop their green thumb and learn how to successfully sprout a seed. 



Did you ever imagine you could walk into a store to purchase bud? Times sure have changed. Join the babes this week as they visit a dispensary for the first time!



Your babes are back to satisfy their cravings this week with Cannabis Cooking Co., expert chefs and educators. Co-Founders Joshua and Vanessa, along with Chef Don describe how to avoid that “I’m going to die feeling” post-edible consumption.



Pop your (cannabis) cherry with the duo as they discuss all the need-to-knows for beginners from THC to terpenes. When in doubt; start low and go slow. 



Meet your pro-cannabis babes Ash and Trish! The sweet and savage duo talk about their journey into the world of weed as they break the stigma of smoking – one joint at a time.