Welcome to BABES GET BAKED - the pro-cannabis podcast based in the legalized land of Canada.  

Each week, best friends, Ashley & Trish discuss different topics about getting baked and just being your average twenty-something babes.

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Ash, a self-proclaimed “ganja gangster”, is a Toronto-native working in the budding Cannabis industry. Living a very active lifestyle, she has always incorporated cannabis into her routine to elevate her experiences. While figuring out how to navigate the corporate world and #adulting, she is inspired to explore the world of weed.

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Unlike Ash, Trish is more of a “born-again cannabis virgin.” Having only tried cannabis a handful of times, she is far from being a cannabis connoisseur—be prepared for her to ask a lot of questions! From being a marketing professional, dog mom, loving girlfriend (ew), and everything in between, Trish is adding co-host and can’t wait to learn the ways of all things cannabis.